Nearly a Century of Smooth Sealcoating in McHenry

From the smallest driveways to the biggest lots, Pagni’s Sealcoating has enjoyed its tenure as the go-to option for McHenry’s residents and business owners. There’s no doubt you’ll notice how our commitment to family values affects each and every project we complete across the county. We show respect for customers by working hard to provide the most enduring results.

How McHenry Benefits from Our Expertise

McHenry residents have benefited greatly from our expertise over the years. With 12,000 homes, the city is full of people who value our premium sealcoating and hot tar filling.

The driveways we work on need to withstand daily vehicle traffic, but there’s another stressor to endure: inclement weather. The winter presents a cocktail of potholes, ice and frigid temperatures as low as -6 degrees, while summers invite plenty of rain and temperatures in the 90s.

We also work closely with McHenry businesses, like Twisted Limits, to keep their parking lots strong for years to come. We’ve been proud to help maintain lots around town since our founding.

Services Available for Your Region

Pagni’s Sealcoating has developed a unique familiarity with McHenry’s blacktops over the years. Frequently, we travel to McHenry to provide the following services:

Driveway Sealcoating in McHenry

By applying commercial-grade sealer by hand, we allow any driveway to enjoy three years of protection from the elements.

Parking Lot Sealcoating in McHenry

Many things can make your business stand out from the competition, including a well-maintained blacktop. Impress your customers with durable, jet-black asphalt.

Crack Filling & Asphalt Repair in McHenry

The most worn areas, like genuine cracks and potholes, are certainly not beyond our abilities. Our professional application of commercial-grade materials makes pavement look new.

What Sets Our McHenry Sealcoating Apart

Pagni’s Sealcoating recognizes that there are no shortcuts to excellent work that endures for years. We’ll treat your driveway as if its ours, always performing the highest-quality work that makes sure you get what you pay for. Cheaper, easier options won’t last as long, and we refuse to trick you into purchasing them.

Here’s an example of how we’ll prioritize your needs:

With all your driveway must endure, we recognize that accidents can happen. An unprecedented flood or storm could undo our work. That’s why each of our projects comes with a one-year warranty.

Our master applicators use the best materials that are meant to endure for many years, but we find that our warranty is another helpful layer of protection. We’re happy to provide the deluxe treatment of smooth asphalt and convenient warranties to the people of McHenry.

You’ll also enjoy these other valuable benefits with our services:

  • Family-based values
  • Commercial-grade, eco-friendly sealer that meets state specifications
  • Hand applied rather than sprayed for better results and longevity
  • Great quality work for the best price
  • Clear communication throughout the entire project

Interested in Exceptional Sealcoating and Repair for Your Asphalt?

It would be our pleasure to install a fresh coat of sealcoating at a fair price for your property in McHenry. Contact us today if you’d like to receive a free estimate.